We can help prepare your property for tropical storms and hurricanes.

HWR will coordinate efforts with our clients who own hurricane shutters to be installed at our own discretion (for out of country clients) or at your instruction, using the best weather-related information available at the time.

  • Respective client request(s) are serviced on a first come first serve basis (the only fair way).
  • We will attempt to remove as many items from the ground as possible that could go airborne such as planters, grills, patio furniture, pool items, decorative wall items, TVs etc. 
  • We will close accordion, roll down, fabric, aluminum, or clear hurricane panels. 
  • After the storm has passed and we are no longer in danger, we will perform clean up duties and return everything back to normal for the same charge depending on the severity of damage. 


*We ask that you please keep in mind working conditions consist of extremely hot, humid, rainy, often times thunder/lighting weather issues when conducting this type of service. We sincerely appreciate your understanding as we will do everything within our means of protecting your properties.

*Unfortunately, as a result of unpredictable storm patterns, we will not be able to accept e-mail, telephone calls, or text messages the day before the storm requesting us to install your hurricane shutters. 

www.HomeWatchReport.com utilizes the latest Tropical Storm, Hurricane Watch, and Hurricane Warning technology available. How can we help you?

  • We coordinate our preparedness efforts with City and County Officials in both Marco Island and Naples, Florida
  • We check in with our resources with State Emergency Operations Centers in Collier County and the State of Florida
  • We closely monitor the National Hurricane Center
  • We offer various means of communications using normal cell phone service, e-mail correspondence, and social media resources. *Please keep in mind that cell phone towers cannot withstand high winds, which did indeed interrupt our service during Irma.

* 2019 Hurricane Predictions - 13 Tropical Storms along with 5 Named Hurricanes