Why should I use Home Watch Report.com? Couldn't I use a neighbor or friend?

This is your property (investment) and not someone else's. Regardless if your property is for your own use or for rental use, vacant properties should never be left unattended for more than 2  consecutive weeks (and that's pushing it). If you are thinking that nothing can happen while you are away, it will. If a neighbor or friend volunteers to watch your property as a good deed, politely refuse their offer due to severe liability issues. 

Having a friend, neighbor, relative or close associate watching after your property is a tremendous amount of responsibility. Would you want to be that person who is accountable for a several hundred thousand dollar or a multi-million dollar property that is not licensed and insured?


What is it like to manage a seasonal or rental property in Southwest Florida?

Sunny, hot, and humid Southwest Florida home related maintenance issues are much different than most people realize.

  • The AC runs nonstop (requires annual maintenance)
  • Swimming pools require weekly cleanings/chemicals
  • Pool heaters run during winter months (good thing to have a timer and lock mechanism especially for a rental)
  • Cleaners need monitored for overall cleanness (owner / renter arrivals and departures)
  • Pests (bugs/rodents) have to be treated monthly/bi-monthly (nothing worse than seeing a palmetto crawling along the floor, wall, or ceiling)
  • Lawncare/landscaping must be maintained on a weekly basis (monitoring weed control, lawn/shrub/tree pest control along with fertilization treatments is very important)
  • Trees and shrubs also need fertilized and maintained (cut back as they grow up to 18? yearly)
  • Whitefly, although difficult to control, must be treated every 6 months (they eat leaves, spread disease, and leave unwanted deposits)
  • Service vendors need to get into your property for a wide range of reasons (somebody has to let them in and re-secure your property)
  • There are on-going cable and internet issues (problems always seem to occur when you or a renters first arrives)
  • Trash / recycling bins need to be taken out and immediately returned from the street (or you can be fined)
  • There are plumbing issues (constantly running or clogged toilets, garbage disposals locked up etc.)
  • Electrical issues of all kinds
  • Irrigation/sprinkler head and water line breaks occur and need to be repaired immediately
  • Pool lanai screens get damaged due to wear and tear (palm fronds & renters)
  • Algae grows on a daily basis due to moisture and high humidly which requires power washing
  • Although normally dry between October and May, once the rainy season begins (June through September), havoc can occur with daily downpours (home/condo ceiling/wall water leaks), flooding and lighting (power outages)
  • Homes can get vandalized or broken into (yes, even here in paradise)
  • Jet skis and boats get stolen (or items inside become missing) *I can attest to this happening with my over 30 years of law enforcement experience. Regardless of where you live, overall home security is extremely important (windows, sliding glass doors, etc.)!
  • More severe storms affect Florida than any other state in the United States. Between tropical storms and hurricanes, property preparation is critical especially for installing hurricane shutters and securing outside furniture and boat removal or watercraft tied/strapped to the dock.  
  • The list goes on and on. 

Are you sure you want to have your friend, neighbor, relative, or close associate being the responsible person watching over your property? 

Our service really pays for itself.  For a minimal amount of money, we manage the numerous maintenance issues of what could and will happen. Some insurance carriers even offer a discount if you can confirm you have a Home Watch company such as Home Watch Report.com managing your property - Many even require it!

Be smart and contact the professionals at Home Watch Report.com

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